Through HOHT seminars and networking group I made friendships and was encouraged to learn skills to fit my interests.  HOHT helped me gain confidence to look at many options in the job market.  Seminars with Susan Park are very inspirational.  I learned how to write a better resume and how and where to look for jobs.   Thanks to Joe, Terri, Vickie, Jack and Chris,  I found my present position with Bank of the Ozarks.  They are doing a great thing by taking an interest in the residents and businesses in the Lake Norman Community.  Sherry

Thank you so much for your efforts in putting together the H.O.H.T. Networking Event on April 2, 2014.  I have been looking for employment since October of 2013; as a result, I have been attending different job fairs, applying on line, and putting myself in front of people for the last 7 months and it was through the H.O.H.T. event where I finally landed permanent employment.  I was able to talk to different companies and ended up interviewing at 3 different places within the last two weeks because of my contacts through H.O.H.T. In addition, I was even considered for a contract writing and editing position for a self employed individual.  Keep up the great work and thank you once again for supporting this cause.  It truly will benefit others as it benefited me!
Minette Farriss

I contacted a company on Friday (April 4) about the part time position you just posted on the H.O.H.T. website. I was invited for an interview on Monday (April 7) and received a job offer the same afternoon! The timing is perfect, as I am ending a temporary position on April 11 and will start my new position on April 14! Finally after being laid off in June 2011 from a long time position with the American Red Cross; I will be an actual employee instead of working as an independent contractor in temporary positions.  

Thank you so much for all you do to help those of us seeking employment in the Lake Norman area.

 Pam Carpenter

4/1/2014 Job Networking Event Testimonial:
Thank you so much to H.O.H.T. and the staff at the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce for a wonderful networking session that went beyond my expectations. I enjoyed your warm welcomes and your professional & friendly conversations. I made some great connections with employers and applicants too. The catered lunch was outstanding and a nice touch! I look forward to continue working with you and I’m confident I’ll find employment with your assistance.
Best regards,
Curt Myers

“It was late September back in 63. No I’m sorry, it was late September back in 09, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. It was a beautiful Fall morning, I was having a cup of coffee with Joe Carbon of H.O.H.T. and I expressed to him that I was looking for work. I asked if he knew of any companies looking to hire? He replied ‘No’, but promised he would keep me in mind if he hears of anything. In less than 2 weeks, I received a telephone call from Joe telling me that he knows of a local hotel who was looking for a part-time van shuttle driver. Joe told me that he immediately thought of me because he knew I was looking for work, and he also knew of my background, that I used to be a Limo/Party Bus Driver not long ago. Well, Joe was able to make some phone calls and actually scheduled an interview for me with the hotel General Manager. Within 1 week, I was hired for the position. As a part-time shuttle driver, I found myself interacting with the hotel guests and began providing additional services for them. It was those interactions with the guests that generated our General Manager and Director of Sales to approach me after 9 months of employment and offer me a full-time Sales Associate position. I accepted the position and was promoted to Event Manager within 2 months. Beginning January 1, 2011, I was responsible for Meeting Room Sales Revenue and I’m happy to report that I was able to more than double our projected 2011 budget. If someone would have told me that I would start out as a part-time shuttle driver and within 2 years become a successful Event Manager for a large hotel chain, I wouldn’t have believed them. I owe it all to Joe Carbon of H.O.H.T. and will always be indebted to him. It was Joe who ‘Helped Me, and than I Helped Myself’. And.. isn’t that what H.O.H.T. is all about, “HELPING OTHERS HELP THEMSELVES?”
– Vinny Picano, Event Manager, Country Suites, Huntersville, NC


“At a Thursday networking meeting, I mentioned to Joe that I had been looking for work without much success and was getting quite frustrated. I was working part-time, but wanted more hours, so I gave Joe some ideas of what I was looking for. Within a week, I got a call that resulted in an interview that evening. That interview turned into my position at Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, a perfect job for me. Thanks Joe.”

– Jack Stevens, Membership Services, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, Cornelius, NC

January 16, 2013

“I want to thank you so much for the encouragement and tools to be persistent about looking for work. I am happy to let you know I got an offer today and will begin work on Jan. 21. If I can ever repay by speaking and giving a testimonial for you please let me know because I will be happy to do so. Its because you allowed me to attend your workshops that kept me encouraged to continue to look. Please let everyone know how much I appreciate your work with H.O.H.T. Thanks again.”
– Yvette Davis

January 16, 2013

“I can’t say enough good things about H.O.H.T!  They were extremely helpful in my job search! They took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for. They offer so many areas of assistance… informative job seeker seminars, job fairs, job postings on their site, moral support, etc.  And it’s all FREE! I told Joe that I had applied for a certain position and he knew the owners of the company.  He took time out of his busy day to go by that company in person to put a good word in for me.  I know that Joe stopping by was one of the reasons they offered me a position. I’m so happy to be employed and H.O.H.T. was a big part of it!  Special thanks to everyone at H.O.H.T.!   Your kindness and help is appreciated more than words can express.”

– Mary Lou W., Client Services, Boatsman, Gillmore & Wagner

June 5, 2013

I met Joe & Terri Carbon while working my part-time job as a music teacher and engineer  at Creative EJ music studios in Cornelius. As a result, Joe asked me if I would run the sound system for the H.O.H.T. Job Networking event on April 9th. While I was there, I decided to put in an application with Earth Fare, who had a booth set up at the event. My full-time job was in a restaurant in Charlotte that offered no benefits and very low pay.

I guess I must have impressed Joe with my work ethic at Creative EJ because he sent a formal letter of referral to the managers of Earth Fare on my behalf. Within 2 days, they called me in for an interview. During the interview, the manager commented that he probably would have never looked at my application if it wasn’t for that letter. Consequently, I was hired following the interview and I submitted my 2 weeks notice.

Ironically, 5 days later, that restaurant shut down. If it wasn’t for Joe & Terri putting in a good word for me, my struggles would have gotten much worse.  -Ben Walters

September 3, 2013

I am so glad someone referred me to HOHT.  We are a local business that services the Lake  Norman area so to pull candidates from this area was a plus for us.  The process was simple and we filled our position within a week.
Kelly Hawkins
Main Street Management Group

September 4, 2013

Utilizing the HOHT job network allowed our firm to identify, interview and hire a very strong new employee.  HOHT is a tremendous resource and provides a conduit for the local workforce and employers to connect.  

 John R. Bradford, III

Park Avenue Properties, CEO &        

Cornelius Town Commissioner

September 4, 2013

With me being associated with H.O.H.T., it is especially rewarding that we found and hired Steve Bennett as outside sales representative through this program.

Chris Brewer, Brewer Company Inc.

September 10, 2013

I recently relocated to the Lake Norman area from Atlanta. My husband’s job transferred us here. I knew no one, did not know the area, and was online daily very frustrated looking for work.  I had attended several of the job network meetings at various places around town.  I met some wonderful people; each added something toward my employment search.  When I met Susan Park at one of the sessions, she wrote on a purple piece of paper information about H.O.H.T.  I put that paper on my desk at home and there it stayed for a couple of weeks. When I remembered I had it, I immediately went on the site. One of the job postings sounded perfect for me.  I submitted my resume; then I got an email from the employer to set an interview time. Within one week from the time I went to the H.O.H.T. online site, I was offered a job. I started last week and I love it. It is perfect for me. Thank you H.OH.T. and Susan Park.

I have to mention also I attended the H.O.H.T monthly meeting in August. I met some good genuine people   who really seemed to care about how they could help those of us there with a connection. I am now very interested to learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Chamber.   Caryn  Lyng

October 8, 2013

Helping Others Help Themselves is a wonderful career service in the Lake Norman area.  I attended a Job Networking Event and had the privilege of meeting Joe and Terri Carbon and Vickie Stevens, the force behind H.O.H.T.  I had mentioned that I sent a resume for one of the job postings on their website, and they went above and beyond and contacted my current employer to personally recommend me since they had met me and felt confident it would be a great fit.  I am extremely happy with my career and am so thankful and appreciative for all their help.  They truly are an asset to the Lake Norman community in helping others find a career that is a perfect fit!

Colleen McGlynn-Park Avenue Properties